Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Pergamano Card

This is a card I made for a wedding (The sentiment is "Mazal Tov" in hebrew letters) a while ago. The card is made from parchment paper and the sketch is from the "Step by Step Parchment" by Martha Ospina. The book is really nice and good for beginners and have lots of beautiful card projects and some other project to make from parchment, such as a gift tags, a bookmars, a fan and some other more.

The card was really hard to make, it took me lots of time to do (several hours...). The results are not as perfect as I wanted them to be, but I know that some the reasons for that are that I don't have all the "right" tools (this card required the use of the 5-needle tool).

Although having the right tools in parchment crafts help a lot, you can still get along with your regular stylus and one perforating needle. It just takes a much longer time to make, that's all. Or is it?

I will post soon another parchment card I made with a list of the basic tools one needs to make them.


  1. Okay, you may not have a five needle tool, but this looks perfect to me! I love it...

  2. LOL, thanks Polly!
    And thank you for stopping by!