Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Tilda - Just Magnolia Challenge 38

My my, I haven't written in ages...
Going back to being a student has taken its toll and I'm soooo busy, having almost no time to do some creative stuff...

But as my cousin's birthday had arrived I wanted to make a nice card for her, and the Just Magnolia Challenge was so inviting I just HAD to jump in...

Sooo, here's my card. It took me ages to make, mostly because I couldn't find the time to complete it. I just hope she'll like it...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Pergamano Card

This is a card I made for a wedding (The sentiment is "Mazal Tov" in hebrew letters) a while ago. The card is made from parchment paper and the sketch is from the "Step by Step Parchment" by Martha Ospina. The book is really nice and good for beginners and have lots of beautiful card projects and some other project to make from parchment, such as a gift tags, a bookmars, a fan and some other more.

The card was really hard to make, it took me lots of time to do (several hours...). The results are not as perfect as I wanted them to be, but I know that some the reasons for that are that I don't have all the "right" tools (this card required the use of the 5-needle tool).

Although having the right tools in parchment crafts help a lot, you can still get along with your regular stylus and one perforating needle. It just takes a much longer time to make, that's all. Or is it?

I will post soon another parchment card I made with a list of the basic tools one needs to make them.

Monday, May 4, 2009

What is she thinking about?

Meet Bruria. She likes pets, chocolates and books. Besides that she is a very talented witch, the good kind, that is...
I made her as a gift for my mom for Passover (She is a witch's doll collector).
The wonderfull pattern is Tone Finanger's design from her Crafting Springtime Gifts book. I thought it was so pretty, I decided to change nothing and sew her exactly as designed.

I really like the surprised look on her face... Well, not exactly look, rather a hand gesture :).

Here is a close up on her goose. What's a witch without a goose?
and yet, one more look...

Sorry for not posting anything lately. My hubby's nephew has his Bar-Mitzvah this Thursday, so I'm busy sewing outfits for both kids, and if time permits my very first dress.
Chiffon, here I come! (Please keep your fingers crossed, Chiffon is a really tough material to handle).
I have some really cute things I made lately, but will post them next week...
Oh, and almost forgot (Sorry, Max). I won a GREAT blog candy from Max. It's a set of 3 roses stamps and I can't wait to start using them, especially on fabric! Thank you Max.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's time for some candy alert!

Except for the links to those fabulous candies on the right here are some more:

Scrapmagasinet will give away a personlized stamp like that one if you enter.

and how about that one, huh?
Katharina is giving away 2 summer stamp kits from Whiff of Joy. Enter until May 1st.


Toddles and Binks are having a surprise giveaway. Enter until April 30th...

And one rabbit bookmark!

Here is another bookmark from polymer caly. This time the I used the rabbit as an addition for the ribbon, so the bookmark itself is not thick and will not affect the book...

One Blue Bookmark

OK, I know. This bookmark is not as flat as a bookmark should be, but it is very flexible and I love it, just the way it is.
I've made this one from polymer clay (the flexible type combined with the sculpey matellic blue).
I used a floral background stamp for the texture and added two beads for embellishments... and voila!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Penny Black Challenge - A Gift

This week's Penny Black challenge was to make a gift

It just so happened that I wanted to make a gift for a little todd who recently turned two (as a matter of fact I remember her birth date quite vividly cause she was born 5 days before my little cub, She on Sunday, and he on Friday...).

I find that Crayon Rolls are a great gift for toddlers. They love them!

I stamped my little hedgie on the front of the roll (once again, sorry for the out of focus image) using the VersaCraft ink (heat set ink that's great on fabrics) and...Voila!